I'm Colton.

Every story I've told through my camera is authentic and told through my lens. I share every photo as if I were publishing a new chapter in a book hoping to communicate the same feeling and emotions felt in the actual moments. The greatest thing about photography is the ability to travel through time and view the world from a completely different time and place.

Photography is like music to me. A great photo can take someone out of their reality and let them experience something truly special. It can bring someone back to the day they were married and the emotions they felt. A person can be brought to the peaks of the Rockies as if they were there with the chilled mountain breeze whipping past their face. My goal is to share the wonders of this world and inspire people around me to dream about something and make it their reality.

Monument Rock • Oakley, Kansas

From Kansas-roots


Born in Fort Collins, Colorado. I moved to Kansas when I was only 5 growing up closer to family. Seventeen years I would call Kansas home, growing up in Topeka and creating life long relationships with incredible people.

Discovering photography in high school through a yearbook course I could not have ever expected what that first click of the shutter would lead to. Everything I've done now, and have experienced because of my camera would have been a fever dream back then. After graduation I took everything I had and purchased a flight to San Fransisco and a new D5500 Nikon DSLR. This purchase would mark the first step down a path that I'm more grateful for than word could ever describe... Upon landing, for the first and last time I would switch my camera's dial from AUTO to M and never change it again!

Arapaho Basin Summit • Silverthorn, Colorado

Creating powerful imagery

& bold stories.

The creation of a powerful photograph is no simple task. For a photograph to leave an impact it must reach inside and grip the heart and mind of an individual while telling a clear and vibrant story. Every photo I take aims to tell one of these stories and each story improves upon the last.

This is how I work with my clients and my camera to tell a bold new story.

The Process

01. Connect

Connecting with my clients through a conversation over lunch or coffee helps to gage not only their personalities but also how they think and feel about their moment we are about to capture!

Listen and learn over a coffee

02. Conceptualize

Take in everything your client taught you about them selves and their vision. Think on that, visualize your creativity along side their vision and the location. Conceptualize a story based off everything you have and let your ideas guide you to a vision.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

Create. Create. Create! Zero in on every single detail. Show the emotions, skills, and history. Each photo adding to the final story line taking the viewer on a visual journey.

Bring it to life
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