Gentle Danger

This photograph shows a young Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus) rattlesnake species found in midwestern North America from southern Ontario to northern Mexico. By far one of the most dangerous photos taken during my time as a photographer. I share this photo with people to help bring awareness that these creatures are gentle and not looking to harm.

Fire Light

The fireflies or lightning bugs of the midwest stand as one of its most iconic and mesmerizing wonders! These little critters only come out through out the Summer months and fill the Forrests and fields with a dazzling light show. When I look out at night on. warm June evening the Milky Way drops from the heavens and fills the world around me.

Snowy Prongs

This young buck blessed me with my very first wildlife photograph that was purchased and published. Prongs became one of my greatest success stories and thinking back on how miserable this bitter cold January morning was, the moment this white tale deer walked out of the wood every second had been worth it. Most hunters remember shooting their first buck, most photographers remember theirs too.

Natural Patterns

Nature is filled with extraordinary patterns and textures. One of the most stunning in the midwest grasslands is the iconic Milk Snake. This small serpent is often confused with the very venomous and deathly Coral snake as it mimics its colors to ward off predators. In all actuality its completely harmless. This its gorgeous white, black, and scarlet reds this snake is by far one of my favorite animals.

Sweet Honey Bee

My Grandfather, Curtis Sturgeon, was and avid bee keeper. Honey bees were common a thing growing up, going as far as even having a few hives in our back yard gardens. I can't help but to recall all of our moments when ever a honey bee flies up to me in the wild. This image perfectly captures the emotion and feelings of living in the mid-west with the Kansas classic Sunflowers and the sweet, gentle, and helpful honeybee.