More than a Photograph

The longevity, emotion, and effect of an incredible photo through time is often overlooked in the wedding industry. Your day is filled with love between you and your partner but it's more than that. These photos have the potential to be passed down and experienced from generation to generation, looked back on painting a picture of who came before and what those moments must have been like . The goal of a professional photographer is to make the love and emotion of that day felt through time and space by simply holding an image.

A good photo looks beautiful.

A great photo feels beautiful.

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Creating Natural Moments

The difference between good and great wedding photography has nothing to do with the camera.. Rather creating the moments in real time and letting the emotion guide the focus. As your photographer the ultimate goal is to shape your day and set up photogenic moments in a way that isn't intrusive to the flow of your day and barley noticed by the subject's as a planned moment.

This is the key to the most impactful wedding gallery.

It's not just about the atmosphere, your smiles tell the truth always...

A True Smile

It's ll about expression. We express ourselves through our styles, fears, hobbies, but beyond all of that a simple smile says it all. Have you ever noticed how clear we can pick out a genuine moment from a posed snapshot based only off the smiles? The not so simple secret to the most genuine portrait is how real the smiles are. Having fun, laughing, and genuinely enjoying the photography experience is what sets apart real emotion from posed fridge photos. Your photographer knows this and strives to create a fun experience!

Meet The Dream Team


Lead Photo

As the lead photographer, Colt is uncharge of planning every moment leading up to your wedding and the final execution and coordination between the creative team, venue, vendors, and of course the Bride & Groom. Colt works directly with you to cultivate a great relationship & confidence between you and your creative day.

Colt has shot over 400+ weddings across the country and provides a calm and collected energy to your wedding day to bring out the best smiles from everyone in the room!


Second Photo

A stellar personality and spectacular portrait photographer, Connor ensures that there is always a photographer available to anyone who needs a photo. As the second shooter Connor acts as the safety net, the different angle, and the variation of creative liberty that makes your final gallery so amazing.

Connor is an energetic and incredible people person who specializes in portraits. He started his wedding career as a DJ so when the dance floor starts this man never lets the party die down, and always gets the best dance off shots!

Renae & Ella


Creative assistance Renae & Ella are key to a flawless wedding day! These two ladies sole priority is to assist everyone where ever needed. Bride needs help with the dress? Renae is on it! Groom forgot his belt? Ella is at the store picking up a new one! Photographer's car broke down on the way? They both have camera's and the expert eye to run the show until the crisis is solved.

Renae & Ella bring a quirky, fun, and creative spirit to the venue! Always dancing, helping the shooters direct lighting, and helping make sure the wedding party is ready to rock!



The head of all things film and videography. Aaron is one of the most talented film makers in the regional industry. If you thought a photograph had emotion his work with the camera will have all your family and friends in tears looking back on your day. Aaron take charge of production, execution, and editing of both documentary style films and creative Hollywood styled masterpieces.

Aaron brings a simply cool, confident vibe the moment. When he smiles so will you and everyone else, every time!